Protection and insulating tubes

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These tubes are manufactured in silicone foam combined with a glass fiber hose in the inner part.

The external silicone foam ensures the thermal and mechanical insulation while the glass fiber hose facilitate the assembly on tubes usually containing high temperature fluids. The thickness of silicone foam guarantees the thermal insulation and within certain limits and conditions protects the inner tubes against impacts and shocks.

Typical application are those where there are dangerously hot, cold or fragile pipes which could get touched or broken for example during maintenance operations.



- Temperature resistance from -40°C to +280°C

- Horizontally self-extinguishing

- Sound absorbing

- Physiologically neutral



- Nominal diameter from 0.5 mm to 60 mm

- Silicone foam thickness from 1 mm to 5 mm

- Can be sold in spool or cut pieces


- Temperature resistance from -10°C to +240°C (brown, red)

- Temperature resistance up to +280°C (grey, blue)

- Flexibility doesn't depend from temperature range

- Good thermal insulation, low thermal conductuivity λ = 0.15 W/(m*k)

- Horizontally self-extinguishing according to UL 1441 VW-1

- UV, gamma and ozone resistant

- Good electric arc resistance

- Impact damping

- Sound damping

- Approx. density 0.5 g/ccm


- Resistant to fuels and lubricants in temporary exposure

- Excellent resistance to water, water mixtures, glycol and salt sprays

- Excellent resistance to every kind of cleanser

- Plasticizer