Frontseals® / V-rings

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Frontseals® / V-rings



Is the most common pro file. It has a perpendicular rear face. Wide range of sizes, from 3 to 2020 mm shafts



with wide body to ensure higher radial force than VA type. Range of sizes from 5 to 210 mm shafts



this seal is intended [or applications where space available is Iimited. Range of sizes from 135 to 630 mm shafts



is our heavy duty large diameter seal, used in steel milIs, paper milIs and rolling milIs as a dirt/water excluder seal. A standard clamping band can be used to improve axial fixation



Heavy duty Frontseals, designed primarily for large high speed bearing arrangements, used in rolling mill and papermaking machine applications. Additionally they can be used as secondary seals for heavy duty applications where the primary seal has to be protected against water and or particulate contamination. Range of sizes from 200 mm to over 2000 mm shafts


Clamping bands for VE Type

When the Frontseal® is fitted on the shaft, the body of the ring is subject to a centrifugal force and can move from the shaft. For this reason the Frontseal® requires radial retention that can be supported by a clamping band.

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Frontseals® is a registered trademark of Dichta SA used to identify our own production of V-rings. The Frontseals® is an all elastomer axial seal for shafts and bearings historically based on and fully interchangeable with Forsheda® design. It seals axially against a counterface. This type of seal has been used widely for several applications and has proved to be reliable and effective against dust, dirt, water and oil splash and other media.

The ring consist of three parts:

  1. The seal body, installed with interference to the shaft.
  2. The hinge, acting as a sprung connection between the body and the lip.
  3. The conical self adjusting sealing lip which provides the actual dynamic sealing   against the counterface.

The counterface can be the outside of the bearing cap, a washer or any suitable metal pressing.



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