Privacy Policy

Dichta does not collect personal information on the website.

It has only data from the files generated by the server on which the site is registred. This records only contain anonymous statistical data, such as the list of visited pages, the times and hours of visit and the type of browser used by clients. Dichta engages itself not to put these data in any connection with the persons who have visited the site.

Dichta also has the information sent spontaneously by users via e-mail. These information will be solely used for the purpose they were intended for. For no reason information will be processed internally or passed on to third parties.

Users should remember that information sent by e-mail are not entirely safe if not cryptographted. It is therefore not excluded that non-authorized third parties could access this information. Dichta invites users not to send confidential information by e-mail, until they have received the public key necessary to cryptograph the message.